The Foundation can disburse grants only to qualified donees and registered charities as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). 

Applications are open until April 30 of each year and granting will be based on available funding. "Apply" for an individual youth project grant or Association led project grant. 

There is no pre-established grant amount disbursed but typically between $1000-$5000 is awarded.  

Grants to youth initiated projects are required to be supervised by an eligible association (eligible charitable organization, etc.) that can disburse the funds and provide accountability on behalf of the Foundation. When applying for the grant, make sure that the application you are submitting is on behalf of the registered charity or non profit the project will benefit, and not as an individual.

Nonprofit Eligibility

We realize not all nonprofits have a charitable number. For those nonprofit organization wishing to apply for funding from the Foundation you will need to be associated with a Charity to receive the funds for the proposed project. The CRA requires this relationship to be set out in writing, signed by the charity and nonprofit organizations.

Terms of the agreement should include:

  • a full description of the project requesting funding
  • details on how the project is completed by the nonprofit as described
  • confirmation that the charity has responsibility for distribution of funds to the nonprofit
  • the charity's responsibility/ accountability to the Foundation for performance of the nonprofit project

The relationship between the Charity and the nonprofit must be an appropriate link, not simply one of convenience (e.g.: a library would not be an acceptable intermediary for a little league baseball team). 

Please note: for the Foundation to consider a request for funding from an organization that is not a registered charity, a signed agreement between the charity and the NPO must be included with the application.